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Welcome to My playground, losers

There’s a new Bitch in town and She is ready to take you to the fucking bank. Goddess Bliss, until recently a real-time only Domme in Baltimore, is taking over your interwebz. That’s right, piggies, there’s no escape now. This is MY playground, and I’m the big bully who takes your lunch money and sends you crying home to your mother. I’m looking forward to posting pictures of everything you losers buy Me with your hard earned cash – soon it’ll be in My beautiful hands, ready to buy Me everything I want.

Just for you, little pay piggies.

I am taking on new slaves and blackmail/teamviewer bitches. The applications are in the upper right of the screen, if you’re blind. At the bottom, you’ll find links to buy My used panties and socks because, let’s face it, that’s the closest any of you limp-dicked losers will ever come to Me.

One comment on “Welcome to My playground, losers

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