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Importance of Pre-Pay

So many of you losers bitch and moan about having to pay up front to be blackmailed or for Me to get on your Teamviewer. Well, let Me enlighten you morons a little bit about how the world works. Most of you are complete assholes who waste My time. I don’t like having My time wasted. It makes Me cranky. So, to ensure My time is NOT being wasted, I insist on payment up front. This weeds out the assholes who wouldn’t otherwise pay. So, too bad for the rest of you. I feel so bad that you all got fucked because of a few bad apples… wait, who the fuck am I kidding?! No I don’t! I’d make you all pay up front anyway because you’re all limp-dicked fuckers who want to give Me your money!

Now someone buy Me this camera so I can start recording clips for you to drop MORE money on! It’s on My wishlist, idiots. Stop asking for My address. Like you’d ever get that – HA!

One comment on “Importance of Pre-Pay

  1. This is so true, we are morons and limp dicked wastes of space, so a Goddess should make us pay up front, who are we idiots to moan anyway, lowlife scum is what we are. A Goddess has ALL rights, not us scum. scum kneels.

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