Goddess Bliss

I’ve returned!

You should all be overjoyed to hear that I have returned triumphant from my brief foray into education.. Oh, I’m sorry.. let me repeat that in stupid-speak. I was teaching little children, but now I’m back to drain your wallet.  So cute. Not. 

New Video and Sound Clip – Just for the Smoking Fetish Fuckers!

Hey, scum – I have a couple of presents for you. Well, they’re really for Me, but you get to buy them! First is a video of Me smoking a wonderful cigarette. You can find it here (http://www.niteflirt.com/messages/click_payment_button?id=79984663) Second is a sound recording of Me having a cigarette while ignoring, and then insulting, you. That […]

Importance of Pre-Pay

So many of you losers bitch and moan about having to pay up front to be blackmailed or for Me to get on your Teamviewer. Well, let Me enlighten you morons a little bit about how the world works. Most of you are complete assholes who waste My time. I don’t like having My time […]

Welcome to My playground, losers

Welcome to My playground, losers

There’s a new Bitch in town and She is ready to take you to the fucking bank. Goddess Bliss, until recently a real-time only Domme in Baltimore, is taking over your interwebz. That’s right, piggies, there’s no escape now. This is MY playground, and I’m the big bully who takes your lunch money and sends […]