• To even be CONSIDERED for blackmail, you must make a $75 tribute, or I won’t bother with you.


    • A once weekly phone session will be required so that I can maintain My blackmail file and reinforce your precarious state.


    • You will give Me any and all information I ask for. you’ve come to Me seeking blackmail – don’t expect Me to go all Nancy Drew searching for the information.


    • If I tell you to make your tribute/blackmail money by a certain day, it had better fucking be done. I don’t take excuses, no matter what. Miss the date? Oh, that sucks. The information I have is going straight to the person you have listed as your blackmail contact.


    • Participation in blackmail is 100% voluntary. As such, as long as you fulfill your obligations to Me, your information will remain 100% confidential. Blow off your service and face the consequences.


    • My minimum blackmail payment is $100.00 per week. To break your blackmail is 6x whatever your weekly blackmail amount currently is. Let’s say you’re a week in and you decide – shit, i can’t do this. $600 bucks and your golden.


    • I require a minimum of 5 weeks blackmail service with weekly phone-ins. So, if you choose to break the blackmail contract after 5 weeks, assuming you are set at the minimum, plus the application fee and the break fee, expect to shell out about $1200 when all is said and done.


    • Once you’ve finished reading this, if you still want Me to control you like a little puppet, fill out the application at the top of the page.
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