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Foot/Shoe Fetish

Mmmm. I love shoes. But not as much as some of the idiots out there – they jerk off just thinking about My feet in a gorgeous pair of pumps or a shiny pair of patent leather stilettos. Now, I’m not one to withhold Myself from My adoring worshipers, so I will indulge in these fantasies sometimes.. I’ll take pictures of My feet – sometimes barefoot, sometimes in a gorgeous pair of heels; I’ll post videos of Myself parading around in sexy boots or ballerina flats… but all of these come at a cost. What, you thought I was just going to let you look at My feet for FREE?! LOL. You morons are too funny. I bet your puny dicks are all hard just thinking about My closet full of heels. Maybe I’ll even let you buy a pair, fucker. Yeah, you.

Go buy Me a pair of shoes, shoe bitches. That’s all you’re worth to Me! But don’t worry.. I might take a picture of Myself in them and send it to you as a thank you!

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