Goddess Bliss

I’m a 24 year old spoiled Goddess who is ready to own you, demolish you and FUCK you over. you are of literally NO importance to Me. I know why you’re here – you want the attention of a Goddess who will Dominate you and control you. Well you are in for a fucking surprise – I don’t just control, I manipulate and milk every last cent you have. My standards are very high, and I doubt that you cock-less bitches could ever live up to them. I only allow you here for MY amusement – so be prepared to be humiliated, degraded, cash-raped and all-out owned for My pleasure.

I am a Professional Domme in the Baltimore area who gets a thrill and the most intense pleasure from financially dominating sissy whores, blackmailing losers and threatening piggies. The mere thought of having complete and utter control over your wallet, your computer, your VERY FUCKING LIFE, gives Me shivers to My core, and I have to clench My thighs to keep from cumming just thinking about your wonderful money.

Allow yourself to ensure that your secret life of submission is understood and cared for. Deeply. (HA). I’m sorry, I can’t pretend to care about your fucked up fantasies. you and I both know that all you should be concerning yourself with is making Me happy and My life easier. Ask yourself every day, “Am i really doing ENOUGH to make Goddess Bliss happy? Am i making Her life easier?” It is through this noble self-sacrifice that you will ultimately become happier, knowing that you have made Me happier. Or, if W/we cut the bullshit, fucking give Me what I want and W/we’ll both be happier in the long run.

I love the completely screwed up fetishes that men come to Me begging for – fuckers. But I have decided that since they are so desperate for Someone to give them what they desire, I may as well exploit them to the best of My ability. So if you’re interested in:

  • Teamviewer Control and Domination
  • Blackmail
  • Financial Domination
  • Cuckold
  • Chastity
  • Panty Fetish
  • Foot/Shoe Fetish
  • Human ATM
  • Wallet Rape
  • Humiliation
  • Sissification
Congratulations – you’re in the right fucking place.
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