slave Positions Available

Yeah, that’s right piggies. I have slave positions available.

I only take in the BEST, and the ones that are going to follow through with their agreements NO MATTER WHAT!

I do reward my slaves but ONLY when they’ve done REALLY well, and have pleased me beyond my expectations.

Some of these positions require you to spend a LOT of money. If you cannot do that, please pick a position that is more suitable.

So – What positions do I have for you lucky losers?

Well, I think I could take on some cash cows to fulfill these monthly/weekly/daily duties:

-FOOT WORSHIPPER! Manicure/pedicure slave – Want to make sure my toes and fingers are always looking PERFECT? Well, then this may be the position for you.

-Bill Pig – There are several bill positions available.

– Rent $800/month

– Cell phone $100/month

– Utilities $100/month

-Panty boy

-Shoe/sock boy – you buy me socks and shoes, some of which I will mail back to you worn.

-Cigarette slave ($50/10 days)

-Web design slave – revamp my website, make me graphics, make websites, etc…

-Advertising slave – You make sure that I’m all over the internet and #1.

-Blackmail bitch – what the fuck do you think this position entails?

– General Pampering Slave – your job is to make my life as fucking comfortable as possible. You will cater to every single whim and desire. When I want something, you give it to me.

– Wishlist Slave – buy a minimum agreed upon amount of items every week/month from my amazon wishlist.

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