Teamviewer Domination

I love spying on sissy bitches using Teamviewer.

A lot of potential Teamviewer subs get pissed when I tell them I need to be paid prior to the session to be sure I get paid at all. This is because when I do a Teamviewer session, I am completely focused on Teamviewer – I don’t have other windows open, I’m not talking to My friends. I will go through your files, lock down your computer, read your address book. This takes time – sometimes as much as two hours if I’m doing it correctly.

Now, before you ask for a Teamviewer session, think of all of the things I could find on your computer. Make sure that you have them hidden away somewhere, maybe in a file labeled “Hard Limit,” so I know not to open it. I can manipulate your webcam, your speakers and microphone. I can leave you assignments waiting on your computer and delete files and contacts. There is so much I can do with Teamviewer – and you, fucking bitch coward that you are, can’t wait for Me to do it, can you?

So, if you’re interested, first make sure you remember that it is $100 UP FRONT, then, after you’ve tributed the $100, fill out the application (at the top of the page, loser) and wait and see if I fuck up your computer. 

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